Adding New Dimensions to Cinema

Cinema the most favorite pass time of all is the most impactful and powerful medium in the current world. Not only is a medium of entertainment cinema, it is also a source of livelihood for millions of people directly and indirectly associated with it. Cinema has gone through lots of changes over the years and so has the way of showcasing it. Once upon a time the theaters for just a place that showcased a movie with no proper concentration towards the screen, seating arrangement, sound system etc. But now showcasing cinema has become even more important. This has led to the thought of having well equipped movie theaters. With the development in the movie making technologies and introduction of digital cinema, movie theaters nowadays have a great responsibility led on them. Movie theaters not only just showcase movies, but try to make the movie watching experience memorable. Also with the advent of an additional angle to entertainment called alternative content in cinemas, there has been more scope for the theaters to entertain its viewers. Though slow but alternative content in cinemas is also showing its impact and many viewers try and opt alternative content over regular movies. One such chain of theaters that try to balance cinema and alternative content in cinema resulting in providing complete entertainment to its viewers is Digiplex Destinations.

Digiplex Destinations, a chain of theaters owned by the 2010 established Digital Cinema Destinations Corp (DCDC) is focused in transforming the tradition theaters into digital entertainment centers. Digiplex theaters with its unique digital technology engaging with dynamic content bring a new look to the traditional movies. It aims at making the moving watching experience memorable. Not only movies but the Digiplex theaters have the credit of showcasing wide range of entertainment types like opera, sports events, live music concerts, videogames, and auctions and many more. With this perfect blend of cinema and alternative cinema and reach across the globe, Digiplex theaters have made a mark for themselves AS complete entertainment providers.

When we talk about alternative content in cinemas, the most popular under alternative content is opera. Opera is nothing but a dramatic act which is beautifully complemented with music and instrumental support. When we talk about opera, the first name that strikes us is The Met Opera. The Metropolitan Opera which is popularly known as Met Opera is an opera company located inNew York City. Met Opera is one of the oldest opera houses found in 1880. Met opera is known for its musical dramatics and has the credit of performing in various parts of the world. Though Met Opera mainly performs at theLincolnCenterfor the Performing Arts on Broadway, inNew York’sUpper West Side, due to the developing broadcasting technologies, it is aired on television as well.

Now with the growing popularity of alternative content in cinemas and many movie theaters opting to showcase operas as well, the first choice for operas is Met Opera.