How To Handle A Home Hot Water System Installation

hot water system installationSometimes we tackle jobs in our home we imagine will be very simple. For instance, do you need a new hot water heater? Have you decided to do it yourself? Well, water heating systems can be installed fairly simply — for someone who has mechanical skills. It is important to get water heaters fixed and updated quickly. Many times people don’t know there is a problem until it is too late and there is a lot of water damage to the home. Once that happens a professional like Storm Guard need to come in to fix the home from all of the water damage. But for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of installing these, it’s best you leave it to the experts like Plumbers Perth.

Here are the logical steps to follow:

1. The first thing to do is shut off both the water and the power supplying the tank. At the bottom of the tank you will find a drain valve. Connect a hose to the drain valve, open it, and let the water flow either into a floor drain or out of doors.

Next, remove both the outlet fittings and the inlet fittings. These are found on the top portion of the tank. Use two wrenches to remove these.

2. If you have a gas water heater, be sure you turn off the gas. Disconnect at the connection between the gas pipe and the inlet valve. Use both wrenches to accomplish this. Once everything is disconnected and the tank is empty, remove the old unit.

3. Set the new unit in place. Be cautious around the accessible burner and controls.

Do not place the unit near flammable materials. Check it completely to ensure it is level. If you need to adjust the level, use asphalt shingles as shims.

4. Use pipe wrapping tape to cover the heat traps. Now attach the fittings into the new unit. Make certain the arrows are pointing in the correct direction of the water flow.

5. Instal the new connectors on both the inlet and outlet water pipes. Be sure to use flexible connectors. Install a shutoff valve on the cold water side if there is none.

When all of the connections are completed, it is time to fill your tank. Open the shutoff valve to allow water to flow into the tank. While it is filling, open a couple of hot water faucets throughout the house to allow the air in the pipes to escape.

6. Install the gas pipe. Attach the parts together and tighten them with a wrench. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when connecting the tank to the gas line.

Properly test all connections after you turn on the gas. Brush soapy water on each connection. If bubbles appear, the connection needs to be tightened.

Installing a water heater is a relatively simple job for someone who is a mechanically inclined. However, if these instructions sound difficult or complicated, hire a professional plumber to do the job right!

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